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These products are exquisitely inlaid with various Philippine gemstones such as jade, agate, jasper, onyx, petrified wood, seashells, cavestone, mountainstone, fossils, riverstones and minerals.

Purely handcrafted with love and patience by the Negrenses in the province of Negros Oriental, one of the seven thousand islands of the Philippines.
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1. CH-DC05 Candleholder 2005
2. DC-OB02 Teapot 2006
3. EL-UC02 Angel Vase
4. EL-UC04 Fish Serving Tray
5. EL-UC05 Shells
6. EL-UC23 Blue Butterfly Bowl
7. EL-UC27 Bahay Kubo Jewelry Box
8. EL-UC33 Blue Bird Box
9. EL-UC39 Flower Picture Frame
10. EL-UC40 Wall Flower and Butterfly
11. EL-UC41 Wall Flower and Butterfly 2
12. EL-UC50 Table Indigenous
13. EL-UC51 Table Fishes
14. GC-AN01 Blue Marlin
15. JB-AN02 Swan
16. JB-FL01 Cattleya
17. JB-FL11 White Orchid
18. PF-BC00 Picture Frame
19. WP-FL06 White Orchid
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